Having the courage, self-worth and grace to jump

I have worked in a corporate environment since I was 15 as a team member at a local movie theater. Job duties included scooping popcorn; selling movie tickets to Patch Adams or the Truman Show; and requesting donations for the Jimmy Fund. As an introverted teenager, the public display of asking for something was overwhelming. […]

Identifying Candidates That Match Your Culture

Finding the right candidate is a challenge. Finding the right candidate that also fits within the organizational culture is even more so. All too often companies hire candidates that interview beautifully but end up falling flat when hired because they do not match with the team culture. While a candidate can have all the desired […]

Deep Water or Big Wave?

I graduated from Lipscomb University in 2009 with a BA in Ministry, but decided to take that education into the business world.  I’ve always loved connecting people and problem solving with them which has served me well in a sales and business development career.  At the end of the day business is about networking and […]