Deep Water or Big Wave?

I graduated from Lipscomb University in 2009 with a BA in Ministry, but decided to take that education into the business world.  I’ve always loved connecting people and problem solving with them which has served me well in a sales and business development career.  At the end of the day business is about networking and trust. Early in my career, the regional YMCA took a gamble on me as the Director of Membership and Fundraising.  It felt like a big leap from personal training, but at the core it was a lot of the same: building trust with members and employees by being an active listener and collaborating to problem solve.  After spending several years growing the membership base, implementing new sales strategies and diversifying membership revenue streams, I was very fortunate to be noticed by an international steel manufacturer.  With that manufacturer I soaked up everything I could and grew into a District Sales Manager for the Southeastern US.  Manufacturing is the epitome of relational business because often times the manufactured good is easily commoditized.  To stand out you need to know your customer’s business at least as well as they do in order to anticipate a problem and bring a solution.  I was very fortunate to learn from some of the industry’s best, and bring value over my competition by first and foremost being a partner, not just a vendor.  When I was confronted with an opportunity to join AMS Practice Management, I felt it made perfect sense to join the team.

Recruiting is very different from steel, but at the heart of every career transition I’ve made was always relationship building and problem solving.  So whereas the widgets and services have changed throughout my career, and the companies have been both start-ups and Fortune 150 powerhouses, I’ve always remained true to my nature which is connecting people and collaboratively problem solving.  Moving to different industries has taught me that often times, the challenges we face represent deeper water, not bigger waves. Our ability to swim doesn’t change with deeper water, so don’t treat it like a big wave. Applying that to recruiting has been particularly rewarding because I get to be a small part of people’s lives in their pivotal moments.

Christopher Amaral
Executive Account Manager

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